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Lula Tsegay, DDS

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Perhaps you’re a new resident who just moved into the area and are seeking an experienced dentist who can treat everyone in your family. Dr. Lula Tsegay Family Dentistry has been providing dental care for families for over 20 years in the area of San Leandro, California. She understands how to relate to your young child visiting the dentist for the first time as well as to retired adults with specific dental concerns. Call or book an appointment online with Dr. Lula Tsegay today.

Family Dentist Q & A

How does a family dentistry practice differ from other dental practices?

Family dentistry focuses on helping the whole family maintain good oral hygiene--including children as young as two to adults in their 90s. Other dental practices may have age restrictions.

Dr. Tsegay has been treating families since 1994, including very young children, their parents, and grandparents. She is on a first-name basis with many patients and is very dedicated to her longstanding clientele.  

Why do dentists recommend appointments every six months?

Dr. Tsegay encourages services such as the basic six-month appointment for family members because with regular appointments, she can identify problem areas before they reach a critical stage. For example, research shows that if you are diligent when decay first starts, you may not need a filling, because it takes cavities several years to develop.  

What types of services do family dentists provide?

Family dentistry includes regular teeth cleaning, filling cavities, taking X-rays and performing dental exams to ensure you do not have any diseases affecting your teeth, mouth, or tongue. Dr. Tsegay uses digital X-rays to ensure the lowest possible levels of radiation. She applies dental sealants to child as well as adult teeth to help prevent cavities.
If you do have a cavity, she uses tooth-colored fillings to restore teeth to their original appearance. If you have jaw pain associated with TMJ, Dr. Tsegay provides treatment to lessen your symptoms.

Family dentistry also includes restorative dentistry when teeth are chipped, cracked, or discolored. This can involve something as simple as bonding a chipped tooth to more complex procedures such as crowns and bridges when a tooth has major decay. Dr. Tsegay performs teeth whitening and also applies veneers and laminates, which can provide a whole new look for your smile if your teeth are stained or discolored.

Dr. Tsegay performs root canals on teeth that may be infected, and she performs implants when a tooth cannot be saved. She also provides dentures for those who need them.